How do I install ALT?

The following will describe the steps necessary to install ALT from your computer from media supplied on DropBox or otherwise.

Select the SetupALTxx.msi that is correct for your operating system, 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows.

If you are unsure of which version of Windows is on your computer you can follow this link for additional information.

To install ALT on your PC, please follow these steps:

Run SetupALT32.msi or SetupALT64.msi according to the operating system in use. These are not interchangeable. To ensure that the MSI file has open access to system files right click the SetupALTxx.msi and select "run as administrator". This is a one-time change during the installation only.


Welcome to ALT Setup Wizard

Welcome to ALT Setup Wizard

Click on "Next" to confirm the Welcome-Screen (you can always click on "Next" with {Alt+N}).

Select Installation Folder

Select Installation Folder

Confirm the default installation folder or select another one. This dialog has the following elements:

  1. Enter Folder (Entry Field): You enter this field by pressing {Tab} or you can focus it anytime by pressing {Alt+F}. Enter the path where ALT is to be installed. The default and recommended path is in the "Program Files"-Folder.
  2. Browse (Button): You can activate this button anytime by pressing {Alt+R}. This opens a standard "Open Folder"-dialog where you can browse for the folder where ALT should be installed.
  3. Disk Cost (Button):  Activate this button anytime by pressing {Alt+D}.  A pop-up displays an overview of available disk space on each hard drive on your computer and the required space for the ALT Installation.  This helps you decide where ALT should be installed.
  4. "Everyone" and "Current User" (Radio Buttons): to install ALT for ALL users or the current user only.
  5. "Cancel", "Back" and "Next" (Buttons): Use these buttons to cancel the installation, to go back one step or to proceed to the next step. Confirm the following dialog with "Next" to start the installation.

Wait until the installation is done.

Confirm the message with the "Close"-button.

ALT is now installed and can be started from the Desktop or the Start menu.

ALT must now be activated.